Taylor Hearn

Taylor Hearn


At UNRIVALED, we introduce sports fans to the pro athletes they haven’t heard enough about. You’ll hear from rising and overshadowed athletes who share their journey to becoming pros and their unique passions outside of their sport.

This Inside the Jersey features Taylor Hearn, a starting pitcher for the Texas Rangers. The 25-year-old Texas native joined UNRIVALED and shares the competitive lessons he learned participating in rodeo events, the candy bar that fuels him on days that he pitches and his passion to introduce urban youth to baseball. Have you heard his story?

Check out the Q&A with Taylor and don’t forget to listen to the podcast:

UNRIVALED: What is the movie you’ll never get tired of watching?

Taylor: “Life” with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. It’s a tie between that and “Boomerang.”

UNRIVALED: What is the vacation spot you can’t wait to revisit?

Taylor: Disney World.

UNRIVALED: Who did you dream of being as a kid?

Taylor: I wanted to be just like Dontrelle Willis, who is my favorite player of all time.

UNRIVALED: What is the video game that keeps you up way too late at night?

Taylor: Call of Duty

UNRIVALED: What’s your go to pregame meal?

Taylor: I’m a big omelet guy, so if I can get me a nice omelet with some oatmeal, and I’ll be good to go.

UNRIVALED: What is the ritual or routine that has to take place before every game?

Taylor: When I get to clubhouse I change then do contrasting, which is ice and cold tubs. Then before I go out, I always read a daily verse. I do squats and then go out and start throwing.

UNRIVALED: Who’s the toughest opponent you’ve ever faced?

Taylor: Probably Keston Hiura of the Milwaukee Brewers.

UNRIVALED: Which team did you cheer for growing up?

Taylor: Every Dallas team, honestly, because I grew up going to every game.

UNRIVALED: When you were playing in the backyard with your friends, which player did you pretend to be?

Taylor: Ken Griffey Jr. in baseball, football was Michael Vick and basketball was Dirk Nowitzki.

UNRIVALED: If you weren’t a professional athlete, what career field would we find you in?

Taylor: I would be a high school coach and a part-time cowboy for sure.

UNRIVALED: I know that you travel a lot. How about a shout out for the product that you would never forget to pack on a road trip?

Taylor: Snickers. I eat them during games when I pitch. Nobody knows that, but I usually bring them with me, give them to my trainer in the dugout and have him keep them cold for me.


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