Kamu Grugier-Hill

Kamu Grugier-Hill


At UNRIVALED, we introduce sports fans to the pro athletes they haven’t heard enough about. You’ll hear from rising and overshadowed athletes who share their journey to becoming pros and their unique passions outside of their sport.

This Inside the Jersey features Kamu Grugier-Hill, a linebacker for the Miami Dolphins. Kamu is a Super Bowl winner and former Pro Bowler, but behind the scenes, he is a Hawaii native, who is passionate about ocean preservation, loves spearfishing and didn’t pick up football until his senior year in high school. Have you heard his story?

Check out the Q&A with Kamu and don’t forget to listen to the podcast:

UNRIVALED: What’s the vacation spot you can’t wait to revisit?

Kamu: I’m not a big vacation guy. I just like to go home. So growing up in Hawaii, I kind of took it for granted and ever since I left, I just can’t wait to go back home.

UNRIVALED: What’s the home cooked meal you request most often?

Kamu: Korean barbecue chicken for sure. My mom kills it every time.

UNRIVALED: When you’re in charge of cooking dinner, what’s your go to meal to make?

Kamu: Steak and potatoes, easy.

UNRIVALED: And what’s the snack that you cannot get enough of?

Kamu: Probably Chipotle chips and guac. I can eat that every day.

UNRIVALED: Which team did you root for growing up?

Kamu: I was a big Randy Moss fan. So whatever team he was on.

UNRIVALED: What’s the movie that you will never get tired of watching?

Kamu Grugier-Hill: I’m a big movie quote guy. I think two easy ones for me is Dodgeball and The Waterboy, for sure. I’m a big Adam Sandler guy, too.

UNRIVALED: What is your most recent splurge?

Kamu: With this quarantine and not knowing where we can lift or workout, I went and got this full on gym. I don’t even use it now, but I would have to say that that’s definitely my biggest splurge so far.

UNRIVALED: What’s your go-to pregame meal?

Kamu: I’ve been going through so many different diets these last couple of years, trying to figure out what works best for me. I’m not vegan, I’m not vegetarian at all, but on gameday, I try and be all vegetarian and vegan and I just feel that makes me feel lighter and I feel better on the field.

UNRIVALED: What’s the service or product that’s changed your life at home?

Kamu: So, I actually just got this chiropractic table because I had back surgery this offseason; and they call it a Flexion table. And it’s just been a complete game changer for me in my life. I use it every day.

UNRIVALED: What ritual or routine has to take place for you before every single game?

Kamu: I’m very time-based, so I have to see our stretch guy, Shane, at like exactly an hour and a half before the game. I get an IV 2 hours before the game. I’m just very routine in that way with time.

UNRIVALED: What is the product that you would never forget to pack when you’re on the road?

Kamu: I got to have my Degree deodorant. I don’t ever switch – it’s Degree till I die. And I got my Gold Standard weight gainer; it’s a shake I take every night, so I can’t live without it.

UNRIVALED: If you were not a professional athlete, what career field would we find you in?

Kamu: If you were to ask me this question back before I went to college, it would have definitely been just construction with my brothers, like general contracting. But now I think I would like to get into a kind of similar field like real estate and try flipping houses.


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