Connor Carrick

Connor Carrick

At UNRIVALED, we introduce sports fans to the pro athletes they haven’t heard enough about. You’ll hear from rising and overshadowed athletes who share their journey to becoming pros and their unique passions outside of their sport.

This Inside The Jersey features NHL player Connor Carrick, a defenseman for the New Jersey Devils. Carrick played for Team USA as a teenager before being selected by the Washington Capitals in the 2012 draft.

The Chicago native is well-rounded, with a lot of interests off the ice, including starting his own podcast, advocating for mental health awareness and a passion for crafting the perfect cup of coffee. Carrick is also a family man, married to his wife Lexi, who recently gave birth to their first child.

Check out the Q&A with Connor and don’t forget to view the podcast:

UNRIVALED: What is the movie you’ll never get tired of watching?

Connor Carrick: I’ve got to go with Miracle or Remember the Titans. Those two movies pull at my heartstrings as an athlete. I got to go with those two.

UNRIVALED: What’s the vacation spot that you can’t wait to revisit?

Connor Carrick: Hawaii {where my honeymoon was}- Maui, Lanai and Kauai. I’ve been itching to get back.

UNRIVALED: What is the home cooked meal that you request most often?

Connor Carrick: My father-in-law’s a chef by trade, so my wife Lexi knows what she’s doing in a kitchen. There’s this short rib ragu that she makes that we learned from an Instagram friend, @Primal_Gourmet, that’s my meal of choice.

UNRIVALED: What is your favorite clothing item?

Connor Carrick: I love my suits. I think just something about the tailored look is sort of a throwback to the classic man. That is probably my most extensive clothing collection.

UNRIVALED: Are you skinny pants or traditional pants?

Connor Carrick: I think every pair of pants I wear turns into skinny pants because, frankly, I have a huge butt and thighs. So, I do my best with the tailor, but every time I go walk in, I think that the custom suit guy who fit me, has quite a struggle to work with me.

UNRIVALED: What is your most recent splurge?

Connor Carrick: It’s food related. For the two of us (Connor and wife), we did like a three and a half pound New York strip roast. There’s this grass-fed butcher over in Jersey City we love and called him up for a private order.

UNRIVALED: Which team did you cheer for growing up?

Connor Carrick: The Colorado Avalanche, which as a Devils player, I don’t think many fans would smile upon because they had a pretty heated rivalry back in the day. The Chicago Blackhawks weren’t on TV growing up. It’s where I’m from, but they would black out the home games.

UNRIVALED: What is your go-to song or artists to help you get ready for a game?

Connor Carrick: Anything Eminem or 50 Cent – some of the old school stuff.

UNRIVALED: If you were not a professional athlete, what career field would we find you in?

Connor Carrick: I think the medical field, something sports medicine related, such as osteopath or a high-end physical therapist. I’ve been able to witness their work as an athlete and just always had an admiration for them.

UNRIVALED: What is a product you would never forget to pack on a road trip?

Connor Carrick: I’m on the board for this supplement company that’s launching called Designs For Sport. Also, I have those recovery boots called Recovery Pumps that I travel with.

UNRIVALED: What is the service or product that has changed your life at home?

Connor Carrick: I have this coffee scale called Acaia that I love. I’m pretty consistent with my home brew now.


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